Our Core Values

Our core values are the foundation of everything we do at Westchester Financial Planning. They define who we are, what we do and how we do it. We never forget that it is our client's money and we always do what is best for our clients. Just as we would family and friends, we treat each and every one of our clients and/or prospective clients with the utmost respect and fairness. 

What are the key core values of a superior financial advisor? Your financial advisor should be one of the most helpful and influential people in your life. Money is one of the most important ways we make our way in this world. How do you know if your advisor is the best for you?

Integrity – Seek an advisor that adheres to the moral and ethical principles of honesty and openness, a long history of client satisfaction and client referrals (word-of-mouth).     

Objectivity and Independence – A good advisor will help you avoid making emotionally driven decisions (our relationship with money is very personal).  They will provide different perspectives, and help you make informed decisions even when emotions such as fear may be driving you especially during these unusual times.   

An advisor’s independence from corporate and other influences provides impartiality, flexibility, entrepreneurship, and the best investment options specific to each client.  

Innovation – The most effective advisor has access to and keeps pace with current research and advances in portfolio development and financial and retirement planning including non-traditional investment opportunities.  

Responsibility – Your advisor should hold you accountable to your goals and the tasks you plan to implement.  They will help you prioritize your goals from most critical to least and assist you through the planning process.

Education – A good advisor will take the time to educate you about decisions you face rather than just recommending the best course of action.  You deserve to understand the choices that you are making - they are some of the most important choices you will make in your life!

Collaboration – A good financial advisor has long-term relationships with their clients, and face-to-face planning discussions when possible.  Always make sure that you are working with someone you are comfortable with so you can be totally open and not hold back.  

Organization – A good financial planner should help you organize all of the disparate parts of your financial life.   Today’s technology allows both you and your advisor to see your financial life in one place with account aggregation software. You can create budgets for living expenses and store all of your important financial documents in one place for safekeeping.