Location, Vocation, and Vacation: Finding a Retirement Place and Pace

Location, Vocation, and Vacation: Finding a Retirement Place and Pace

May 02, 2022

How do retirees negotiate the balancing act of purposeful (vocation) versus recreational (vacation) activity? Vacation is broadly defined as “leisure”—travel, hobbies, and recreational pursuits.  The vast majority of retirees view retirement primarily as a phase during which leisure can be pursued, yet there is a “law of diminishing returns” on leisure.   

What role do financial advisers play as their clients plan for or engage in retirement. The majority view their financial advisers as their No. 1 source for retirement information, with 56 percent reporting they rely on their advisers for such advice. This is higher than any other retirement information source, including AARP, online research, and advice from other retirees.  It is also interesting to note that financial planning is the top area of interest of retirees followed by maintaining mental acuity and travel opportunities.

Regarding retirement location decisions (staying or moving), some of the key factors are cost reduction, weather and family.  Surprising, most retirees do not move – 75% stay put. 

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 Photo by Gustavo Fring by Pexels