More About Russell E. Glickstern

More About Russell E. Glickstern

May 15, 2023

I would like to introduce myself and my family to those who may not know me.  My wife, Susan, and I have lived in Westchester for over 26 years and we share our home in Irvington with our dog, Louie.  I have two grown sons working and living in the New York metropolitan area.  I am a Yankees fan and an avid golfer (17 handicap).  My mother and brother live in Florida where I spend a lot of time visiting with family and playing golf.  I am already enjoying spring and look forward to this summer where I can get out on the golf course and dine al fresco (with friends and clients).  

It has been my pleasure to partner with my clients for over 35 years and to guide them on their financial journey.  I want to thank my clients and their families for their trust, business, and referrals. It has been a rewarding career working with such interesting and varied clients that challenge and motivate me to constantly improve.  I know all my clients on a personal level (long term and multigenerational) because I enjoy taking care of my clients and getting to know their families, and they trust me.   

My clients have been with me through the ups and downs of the economy. I strive to create portfolios that are based on my clients’ risk tolerance and goals, with investments that do not have to be reallocated or disturbed due to major economic upheavals.  

Supporting me, and ultimately my clients, is the leading-edge research, comprehensive online education resources and productivity tools provided by LPL Financial.  In addition, My team, also ensures a superior customer service experience by proactive onboarding of new clients, working closely with current clients to answer questions and problem-solve, and educating and communicating regularly with clients,  We publish financial and informational blogs on our website and weekly social media posts on LinkedIn and Facebook.  

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