How to Reinvent Yourself

How to Reinvent Yourself

October 01, 2020

There are times in our lives when we’re forced to reinvent ourselves - the current COVID situation may be one of those times for some.   If your business has failed or your job disappeared, you have no place to go but forward. However, if you don't want to change or adapt, you never will. You must take a leap of faith and make things happen for yourself. When life presents you with a what seems to be an overwhelming challenge, you can let it destroy you, define you, or you can let it strengthen you.  

Discover Your Strengths

Everything in your life may be running smoothly right now, but that doesn’t mean that that it will last. You may dream of starting a new business. You could move across the country or fall in and out of love. You lose a loved one.  The first step in reinventing yourself is to analyze your strengths.  Take some time to talk to your closest friends, family, long-time co-workers, and anyone else that has been around you for a long period of time and which you believe is willing to be honest with you; then ask them what they believe are your natural strengths and talents.


This step calls for a thorough assessment of your current emotional, psychological, and financial status so that you can develop plans that are realistic and practical. Ultimately, you’ll want to create specific long-term and short-term goals that you can create milestones for. By doing this, you’ll lay out a specific roadmap to your reinvented self.

Reinventing yourself doesn’t happen overnight. That takes dedication and patience. To make the transformation run more smoothly, you should dedicate some time each day to pursue your goals.  

Try Things Out

Sometimes, we don’t know if solutions actually work until we try them out. This is why it is important to experiment whenever possible whether you are dealing with a career change or hobby.  If you’re not sure what you would like doing, accept invitations from friends to join them in their favorite sport or take a class, like pottery or photography.

What's truly important is that you aren't afraid to try. Do what you enjoy and this will help you figure it out while hopefully making some money in the process. By seeing what’s out there in any area of your life, you’ll have a better chance of finding the things you enjoy and the goals you want to create.


Whether if it’s reading or attending a workshop or webinar, find ways to enhance your knowledge. It will make you a more well-rounded individual and help you grow both personally and professionally. Lifelong learning also makes you more motivated and introduces you to new people and thoughts.

Manage Your Finances 

Changes may require funding.  If you’re shifting to a new career, you may have to pay for training. If you’re going through a tough divorce or having a hard time dealing with the death of a loved one, you may have to pay for therapy. Try to have at least one year of back up income in the bank.  Entrepreneurs make nothing some months and a lot of money other months. 

All of these things are possible, but it will require a bit of money savviness as you learn how to reinvent yourself. If you have that cushion, you’ll feel more comfortable straying from your current path to try new things.

Be Courageous

Fears and self-doubt may arise when you encounter difficulties and setbacks. Sometimes, they may also come when you’re taking risks. You have to manage these negative emotions well and not allow them to discourage you. Tap into your courage and try doing at least one new thing each week to develop it.

Use Your Support Group

You need to build a strong support group before you even start the process of reinventing yourself. Your group will keep you from taking wrong turns and encourage you when you get too weighed down by problems. Don’t be afraid to call them, or even ask them out for coffee if you need to vent about the current difficulties you’re facing.

Accept Failure, Learn, and Continue 

Failing is normal, especially when we’re trying out something new.  When you fail, simply recognize it, learn from it, and move on. Failure, in the end, is the best way to learn what does and doesn’t work, and you simply won’t be able to learn how to reinvent yourself if you don’t accept the inevitable failures that await you.

Take one step at a time

Reinvention is a process that could take years. Don’t overwhelm yourself by getting consumed with the big picture. Take steps to accomplish your end goals. For example, if you want to get in better shape, than the first step would be going for a walk, the next step would be setting a schedule, then getting a gym membership and finally eating healthier. Take it one step at a time.

 Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels